3D-Printing Things for Your Workshop

While working in your workshop or maybe even on the balcony there is always this one moment. Mmmh, a small tool would be perfect right now. But in most of these cases this kind of tool is not in reach currently. Or all shops have closed. In this blog post I want to collect things that are really useful to organize your tools, that help with working e.g. with wood.

And again, another year has gone

Year three, post three. This could have been way better! Not could, but should have been better! Lots of things have been done, lots of cool stuff has been made. In German there is the saying “Alles neu, macht der Mai” which basically means “Everything is new in May”. And so it is here. The plan is to write one post each week about things, tech and stuff that pass my week.


Long time no see! The time passes by quickly and the way how to deploy the latest information to this page vanishes too fast. So the solution is automation! Especially useful if you use one framework on multiple machines in worst case with different operating systems, etc. So today I added a GitHub action to my repository containing this page of hugo with the academic theme. It works like charm!


Hello World! This is always the first step in learning something new. Especially in computer science. Every language has this kind of introduction to beginners. So this is something new for me, too. Not the first blog, but after years of Wordpress and Drupal it is now time for this: Hugo! And this wonderful academic theme! The idea behind this page or blog is to collect some thoughts, ideas or opinions as well as to exercise writing.