3D-Printing Things for Your Workshop

A collection of cool and nice things that are easy to print and really useful.

While working in your workshop or maybe even on the balcony there is always this one moment. Mmmh, a small tool would be perfect right now. But in most of these cases this kind of tool is not in reach currently. Or all shops have closed.

In this blog post I want to collect things that are really useful to organize your tools, that help with working e.g. with wood.

Customizable hinge

This thing is a hinge with either 180 or 270 degrees opening radius. Ideal for adding door to your cabinet.

90˚ edges for clamping

If you want to fix two parts in an angle of exactly 90˚ you can use these. They offer the possibility to fix these parts with two clamps and you can be sure that the angle is almost fine.

Woodmarking gauge with IKEA pencil

How many IKEA pencils do you have lying around waiting for its use? 5? 10? 50? Now you can at least use one for drawing exact lines on materials like wood, metal or even tiles.


Especially during gardening season you are always searching for the tool that you need right now. The solution is a well-organizes workshop or garden shed. This part may help you with organizing brooms, brushes, spades or anything else with a shaft.

Organize your electric tools, e.g. from Bosch

You might have a cordless screwdriver of your favourite tool company. In my case it’s Bosch. To organize all the batterys, charger or even the tool itself there are some cool mounts:

Need some more ideas or things to print? Check out Thingiverse for almost an infinite amount of things to print. And if you found something interesting, drop me a message and I might add it to this list 🤓.

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